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When you get stuck between the moon and New York City...

Yep, those are lyrics from "Arthur's Theme" by Christopher Cross - and they popped in my head the moment I took this photo.

We took a last-minute unplanned trip to what might be my favorite place on Earth (that I've been to so far, anyway) - New York City. Anticipate lots of posts, especially pictures, coming up - but I just had to share one of my favorites. Taken with an iPhone and no filters...not too bad for someone who admits photography is NOT in her wheelhouse!

rainy Sunday night in New York City

Photo Credit: Brooke Dawson

Location: New York City

We had the best time exploring the city with no plans whatsoever, made even better by an extra special surprise!

A last minute get-together with a favorite friend who lives nearby led us to exploring places and spaces we wouldn't have even thought to go see. Surprises on top of surprises are the greatest!

Photo Credit: Cliff Dawson

Location: Grand Central Station


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